Setting Your Intention

March 23, 2015


I purchased a file holder one lunch time and wanted to take it home after work. I had biked to work that day and found that the file holder wouldn’t fit in the container on the back of my bike. I decided that I would carry it and did a couple of rounds of the car park to make sure that it felt OK. I considered the wind factor and estimated that there was very little wind, and it felt OK how I was carrying it.
I set the intention before I left work that my bike and I would arrive safely and efficiently home. I could see myself arriving at the gate with my bike and had a vision of the lavender bush at our gateway. All went well on the ride home until I got to the big hill. This hill is quite steep and long and even if I don’t pedal on the way down I can still hit 55 – 60 kph by the time I get to the bottom. All went well until I got to the bottom of the hill where there is a bumpy bit and a slight corner.
Then my bike got the speed wobbles. I hung on and somehow managed to ride it out, don’t ask me how I managed to stay on the bike because the wobbles became quite violent… I could hear my bag and the plastic crate which I have on the carrier to hold my bag come crashing to the ground. Somehow I managed to bring the bike to a halt (still holding the file holder) and looked back to see what had happened. There was my bag and the crate right in the middle of the road and the solar powered red flashing light I have attached to my carrier was sitting there also in the middle of the road still flashing.
In all of this there were no cars on the road, just me and my bike until I went to pick up my bag from the middle of the road. Then a car came down the hill. I was able to signal the driver to slow down while I picked up my bag, the plastic crate and the solar powered red flashing light. Amazingly nothing was damaged in my bag, nothing had been thrown out. The only thing that was broken was the stretchy strap which held the crate on the carrier on my bike.
While all this was happening something inside me somehow felt I would be OK, because I could see myself with my bike returning home safely, going in the gate at home by the lavender bush.
Setting intentions gives our subconscious instructions on how we want things to happen. It enables us to deliberately create what we want to happen – the end result anyway…. It enables us to negotiate life safely, it enables us to live the life we want. Setting an intention is like throwing a rope over a post to hold on to so that it can be our guide in any situation we may find ourselves in.

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