April 30, 2015

Faith Trust and Patience, all is well
One of the most important universal laws is trust, which is the Law of Allowing.
A few years ago I came across a pamphlet from a wind turbine company, and as I had had a long time dream of being able to generate (pollution-free) the majority of the electricity we use, I was very interested. A visit was made to our property and the correct position for the turbine established. I decided to go ahead with the purchase. I then paid the first deposit, which covered the initial inspection and intention to purchase. There were also all sorts of difficulties with the Resource Consent including the need for an acoustic report and consent from all the neighbours. The acoustic report took a long time… Finally, these difficulties were sorted and the Resource Consent was granted!! This took over a year, and there seemed to be many changes of staff during this time. The turbine pole arrived, and it felt like the dream was more real – things were happening! Then the time came to pay the second deposit which covered the majority of the payment for the turbine and installation. Very shortly after paying this deposit I found that the company was in a bit of financial strife and having difficulty meeting clients’ needs. I was assured that all would be OK, and that it would happen. Eventually the hole for the turbine foundation was dug, and the concrete laid, then the trenches dug for the electrical wiring. All was ready and just waiting for the turbine to be put up. Eventually, it all happened, and there it was standing tall and proud and spinning gently in the light breeze, just as I had visualised.
During this time of more than two years, I (mostly) held the vision of the turbine being there, generating power for us, I could see it there spinning and standing tall in the centre of our property. I developed an affirmation – “Faith, Trust and Patience, all is well”, which I used to soothe myself when panic and doubt tried to set in. I must admit that many times it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, and I was going to lose all the money I had invested, so it was a very good test of the Law of Allowing.
This affirmation and just knowing that all is well is very supporting for me when I find myself in other challenging situations in my life.

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