Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

October 3, 2014


Did you know that thoughts are things and have measurable vibrations just like electricity.
The Law of Attraction states that if you hold a thought for 17 seconds another one just like it will come and join it. The longer you keep your attention focused on something, the easier it is to keep thinking about it. It is like having the radio tuned to a particular station, if the radio is tuned to 98FM that is the programme that will be heard, the programme from another radio station is unable to be heard at the same time. So it is with thoughts, you cannot think a negative thought at the same time that you are thinking a positive thought.

Everything is really two things, everything has its opposite, and you can choose to focus on either the positive side or to focus on the negative side.

Your thoughts create your reality, and you can manifest what you want in your life when you become aware of what thoughts you are thinking and choose whether you want thoughts that make you feel good or thoughts that make you feel bad. If you are focused on success, you attract success, and if you are focused on failure, you attract failure; if you are focused on health you attract health, and if you are focussed on disease, you attract disease.

Low vibrational thoughts attract more low vibrational thoughts, and the more you try to fight these the bigger they get. When low vibrational thoughts of fear and doubt, etc come up, allow them to be there and send love to them, they come from old programming, and are there for protection. Once you can love these thoughts you can be free of them. Then you can put a positive thought there instead.
The tools I use help you to focus on what is right with you, help you to overcome limitations and perceived barriers, help you to let go of the past and view your experiences in a more positive way.

“The better it gets, the better it gets” – Abraham-Hicks

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